Monday, February 24, 2014


A Short Guide on Choosing Social Media Sites

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Instagram. YouTube. Tumblr. LinkedIn. Facebook. Google+. Pinterest. Twitter. MySpace. The list goes on and on. Confusing, isn’t it, as to what social media site to use. 

By now, you or your company understands the value of social media. With so many choices of social media platforms, however, the problem is figuring out which ones to use. 

Currently, Facebook has the biggest user base, with Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+ not far behind. Their large user bases give you plenty of people to reach out to. This also makes it ideal for you to tap into a larger market and maximize promotion. 

The popularity or number of users of a social media platform should not be the only factor to consider when choosing the medium to promote your business. If you are looking into posting more images than text, then you should choose Instagram or Pinterest. This allows you to make a better presentation of high quality photographs as well as other graphic marketing material to interest and engage your consumers. 

 For general content such as articles, you can opt to use Facebook or Twitter. While Facebook also allows photo and video content, Twitter is more ideal for instant and brief updates, news, and the like. 

This short guide should assist you on deciding the social media site that is most suitable. Social media experts can also help you choose and manage your accounts to boost your marketing efforts.