Monday, March 17, 2014


Search Engine Reputation Management for Businesses

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For many businesses, building a positive reputation in the Internet does not simply end with posting reliable information and making SEO content for clients. The status of one's credibility online must be consistently monitored, making sure that the articles people are viewing about the company are favorable to their overall image. The practice of monitoring content is called Search Engine Reputation Management (SERM). 

SERM is essential to the overall online reputation management since its primary objective is to make sure that positive results are prioritized every time a search is made on the company. The tricky part with the use of SEO marketing is that it can be a double-bladed sword. You can use it to boost your brand’s presence online, but at the same time, competition can also use it to wield damage to you. If you’re not keen about what is being said about you – and where these are being said – you just might wake up one day to find a bad online perception putting your business image and success at grave risk. 

Overall, the practice of SERM further promotes the use of the Internet as an area where businesses can market their service to people online. With the Internet becoming the primary source for information, building up a company's reputation is really necessary as customers will look more into credibility and effectiveness in businesses online.