Monday, February 17, 2014


Tips on Dealing with Negative Publicity

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For Hollywood folks, any type of publicity, good or bad, is useful. Just take for example, the alleged tirade by Christian Bale in a film shoot a few years ago. Though stories of the incident hogged numerous headlines of showbiz outlets worldwide, it didn't affect how high the actor's films grossed. 

Sadly though, the same scenario is hardly to happen in business. One negative review on a consumer website and a business can suffer. Even long-established and successful businesses risk being knocked off their pedestal if they get an unfavorable review from an angry customer, especially these days when consumer-written posts can easily be shared through social media. 

One way to deal with a not-so-glowing review is to address it head-on. Find out why the customer was unsatisfied with a product and set up a focus group discussion to further delve into the issue. Here, you have to be careful not to act so defensive; otherwise, you'll end up turning more customers away than winning them over. 

Another good way to deal with a bad review is by encouraging satisfied customers to post positive reviews. You can do this by offering a gift or a discount to those who will share their experience with other customers. The more positive posts you receive, the more chances you gain to put those negative ones to rest.